Packaging and Distribution

At Fruitapeel, we know how important packaging and distribution is in finding the perfect solution. That’s why our extensive range of packaging formats and distribution services ensure we complement and add value to your existing operations.

Fruitapeel’s ability to pack in a wide range of exciting formats, means the team can work with you to create packaging that complements your existing product portfolio and helps your business grow.

Packaging Formats Include

  • Buckets 2kg – 25kg
  • Sachets 25g – 3kg (New to 2016)
  • Bottles (plastic) – Hot Fill PP 200g – 1kg
  • Pergals 5kg – 20kg
  • Pouches 100g – 2kg
  • Pot Filling 1kg and 2kg
  • Aseptic Bulk Tanks 500kg – 1 tonne
  • Dairy Free Yoghurt 500g – 20kg

If you’d like to develop an innovative new packaging format, perhaps to create a competitive advantage or to reduce your costs, Fruitapeel’s new product development team can work with you to design a leading packaging solution.

Fruitapeel also has a UK wide distribution network so if you require, we can deliver our range of products direct to you.

For more information about our packaging and distribution service, please call Fruitapeel today on 0151 548 5612 or email

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